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Bolted Silo

bolted cement silo

 Bolted silo is bolted type cement silo for storage of bulk cement, fly ash and other materials. The bolted cement silo is of modular structure that can be installed and transported easily. As for the material, bolted cement silo can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other special weldable materials. Besides it is often done with anti-corrosion and other treatment to resist corrosion and prevent material leakage. Bolted cement silo for sale in Daswell is made of high quality material with competitive prices. And they come with different capacities and configurations to meet customers’ specific needs. Please feel free to contact us about cement silos.

bolted silo
cement silo for sale

Bolted Type Cement Silo Manufacturer

With rich experience and professional knowledge, Daswell machinery has proven to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching plant equipment. As a result, customers all around the world have preferred concrete batch plant equipment made in Daswell. As an important component of concrete batching plant, cement silos of various types are in great demand. Bolted cement silos is often preferred when long distance transportation is needed. For bolted silos are of modular structures that can be easily installed and transported. Besides, bolted type cement silos are often of high capacity that are suitable for large and long term project sites.

Specification of Bolted Silo

Capacity (t)Diameter (mm)Discharging Height (m)

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Bolted Silo Capacity

As it is known, bolted type cement silos are of modular type. To use it, you should install these modular structures and then erect the whole structure. And it is also due to this structure that one bolted cement silo usually can hold high capacity of cement or fly ash. Daswell provides a wide range capacities of bolted silos from 50 ton to 2000 ton. Of course, to meet mass production of concrete, you can install more than one bolted type cement silos.

Pros and Cons of Bolted Silo

Along with bolted type cement silo, there are also welded type silo and telescopic type silo. Welded type silo a single piece which is suitable for short distance transportation. And it is easy to install for all you need is to put it on the foundation. Besides, the structure is leak proof. For bolted type cement silo, it is suitable for long distance transportation for its modular structure. But it needs extra time to put the bolted silo together before erecting it on the foundation. And there is need to do correct water sealing work for bolted silo. Telescopic type cement silo consists of three parts with one part inside another. And it is also suitable for long distance transportation and quick installation.

Bolted Silo for Sale in Daswell

Daswell manufactures a wide range of bolted type cement silo with various capacities. We can make customized bolted cement silos for customers to fit their specific needs. Bolted silos in Daswell are of quality materials and are welded with great care. As a result they are built to last for long time and make the work at job sites easy and convenient. For more detailed information, please feel free to get in touch with Daswell.

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Highlights of Bolted Cement Silo

Modular structures

Bolted type cement silos are made of modular structures, so they can be easily transported to the job sites. There these modular structures are bolted together to form bolted silos which will be attached to the foundations with support legs.

Customized designs

Daswell bolted type cement silo can be made in both standard and customized designs. And they can also be equipped with optional parts to meet the specific needs of customers. And they also come with customized capacities.

Easy maintenance

Bolted type cement silos in Daswell are equipped with hand rails, stairs, and maintenance platform. These make it easy to do the daily maintenance and check of the cement silo, which can reduce breakdown times.

High quality

Daswell bolted silos are made of quality carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy or special weldable materials. These high grade materials make the bolted type cement silo durable so that they can work for long term.

Easy assess to spare parts

Bolted cement silo are equipped with various spare parts, which are still vital for the smooth operation of cement silo. To reduce breakdowns, Daswell has offices and warehouses in many countries so that come to customers’ rescue quickly.

High capacity

Bolted cement silos in Daswell can be hold great quantity of cement or fly ash. And for requirement of mass production of concrete, more than one bolted silos can be used.