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Quality cement silo for sale in Daswell. Cement silo is often the bulk storage cement system for concrete batching plants and other construction work sites. For cement silo can store bulk of cement or fly ash for use. There is no doubt that buying bulk of cement is cheaper. But it is also necessary to ensure the stable quality of cement. With cement silos, it is safe and convenient to store and discharge the cement or fly ash. As a result, as an integral part of concrete batch plant, cement silo is in great demand. Cement silos in Daswell are of high quality with great options, and you can get the best suited ones for your concrete batching plants.

Daswell Cement Silo Manufacturer

Daswell machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of batching plants. In fact, we design and manufacture concrete batching plants, including initial plant design, a complete scope of concrete plant equipment, batching plant components and so on. Daswell cement silos are made of robust designs so that they can last for long term. And they are made to resist corrosion and prevent material leaking. Besides, there are standard as well as customized cement silos to meet customers’ needs. As a reliable cement silo manufacturer, we have successfully exported many kinds of cement silos for customers all around the world. If you need any cement silo, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Cement Silo Capacity in Tons

Cement silo capacity is calculated by tons. When choosing cement silo, its capacity is one of important factors to consider. For this can impact the final concrete production capacity as well as the smooth operation of the whole concrete batching plant. As we offer a wide range of cement silos, they come with different capacities. For requirement of high capacity, one concrete batch plants can have more than one cement silos. Daswell offers cement silo capacities ranging from 50 to 2000 tons. We can customize cement silos for customers to meet specific needs.

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Features of Daswell Cement Silo

1.Robust designs. Cement silos are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. And they can be treated specially to be anti-corrosion.
2.Great variety. Daswell manufactures many types of cement silos, such as bolted silo, welded silo with single piece, low profile cement silo and so on.
3.Customized cement silo. Daswell not only manufacture standard cement silos, but also make tailored cement silos to meet customers’ needs in capacity, height restrictions and so on.
4.Optional parts. Except for standard parts like screw conveyor, safety valve, there are optional parts for cement silos for specific needs.
5.Easy access service. Daswell has built many offices and warehouses worldwide so that we can reach you quickly whenever you have problems or in need of spare parts.

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Applications of Cement Silos

It is known that cement silos are used for store bulk materials such as cement, fly ash and other materials. So cement silo is an important component of concrete batching plant. For cement and other material storage is an important components of concrete batching plants. As concrete plants are in great demand to meet requirement of continuous construction, so does cement silo. As a professional cement silo manufacturer in China, Daswell manufactures and supplies a great many cement silos with competitive prices. And as reliable supplier, we have exported many kinds of cement silos as well full sets of concrete batching plants for customers around the world. And our customers mainly deal with our cement silos for three ways. Firstly, they use the bulk cement silo for their own concrete plants or construction sites. Secondly, they do the cement silo sales. In other words, they resell the cement silos for their customers. Thirdly, they do the cement silo rental work. That is, they rent the cement silos for customers for temporary construction site. Whichever you choose, Daswell cement silos will be the valuable investments for you. 

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How to Choose a Suitable Cement Silo

Since there are many types of cement silos, it is critical to choose the best suited ones to fit your needs. And there are a few factors to consider, such as raw materials, capacities, job site situations, and so on. The properties of raw materials can determine which kinds of cement silos to use. For this can have an impact on the building materials of cement silos. As there are many options, like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and so on. Besides, if there are height restrictions, you can choose low profile cement silo. Otherwise, you can choose stationary upright cement silo. And according to your needs of capacities, you can choose cement silos with whether high capacity or low capacity. As for the location situation, if the concrete batching plant is located at distant area, the ease of transportation of cement silos should be considered. In all, you allover needs determine which kind of cement silo is good for you. And Daswell will offer your the best cement silo solution according to your specific needs.

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Cement Silo Sales

Daswell manufactures and supplies a great variety of quality cement silos. And we manufacture both standard and customized cement silos in light of capacity, styles and so on to meet customers’ needs. Cement silos sales in Daswell are made of high quality materials so that they can last for long term. Besides, the cement silos are specially treated to resist corrosion and prevent material leakage. Quality is displayed in details like material, spare part, and so on. We make great effort to make and offer the quality and customized cement silos for customers. And if you want to know the exact cement silo price, you can contact us as soon as possible. Of course, if you have any question related to cement silos, please free to get in touch with Daswell. We are here for you.