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Daswell machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of cement silos. We offer a great variety of cement silos with customized configurations to meet customers’ needs. Cement silos for sale in Daswell are of robust design so as to serve long time. Besides, they can be made with various capacities to fit capacity requirements. What’s more, they can made into different types with different configurations to meet the specific needs of customers. We are determined to offer the best suited high quality cement silos for you. 

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Bolted Silo

Bolted silo, as the name implies, is a bolted type cement silo. Due to the modular structures, bolted type cement silos are easy to transport for long distance. After transferring the modular structures to job site, these structures will be bolted to form cement silos. Then the bolted silos will be installed on the foundation. Bolted cement silos can also come with different capacities to meet needs. For large capacity requirements, more than one bolted silos are needed. 

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Silo is a structure to handle bulk materials. Cement silo, also known as cement storage silo or cement bin, is used to store large bulk of cement for making concrete. Of course, except for cement, it can also store fly ash and other materials. Cement silo is an important piece of equipment for any concrete operation. For it can store and discharge cement or other materials, which make the work in jobsite easy and convenient. Besides, since it is much cheaper to buy cement in bulk, it is of great need of cement silo to store the cement. As a result, cement silo is an integral part of concrete batching plants, which need large quantity of cement to make concrete.

Types of Cement Silos

In line with different criteria, there are many different kinds of cement silos available. According to it is fixed or not, there are portable or mobile cement silos and stationary or fixed cement silos. And as their names imply, portable cement silos are movable that can be relocated easily. As for stationary ones, they can be installed for long term use. There are low profile cement silos, upright cement silo and horizontal cement silo with different styles. Usually, low level cement silos are mobiles ones while upright cement silos are stationary ones. Besides, low profile cement silos are suitable for construction sites with height restriction and low capacity requirement. While upright cement silos are often for jobsite with no or less height restriction and need large quantity of cement. For stationary upright cement silos, there are also two subdivisions. One is bolted cement silo with modular structure and the other is cement silo with a whole structure. Varied cement silos can meet different needs. And the best one is always the best suited one for your construction site with specific needs.

Cement Silo Specification

Capacity (t)Diameter (mm)Discharging Height (m)

Details of cement silos

Cement silo price

As stated above, there are different kinds of cement silos. What’s more, they can also be customer made to meet specific needs. Besides, the cement silos can be built with different materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials. And some of them can be treated specially so that it can be anti corrosion. As for the accessory parts, cement silos are equipped with standard parts, like de-dusting system, explosive-proof valve, cement loading pipe and so on. There are also optional parts to choose, such as level indicator, loading filter devices and others. In light of these factors, there is no fixed standard for cement silo cost. If you want the exact price list, you can contact Daswell. Our salesperson and engineer will consult detailed information for your needs, so that we can offer the best suited cement silo for you and exact cement silo prices.

cement silo capacity

As there are different kinds of cement silos, there are different cement silo capacity. Generally speaking, portable cement silos can handle less cement than stationary cement silos. That is the capacity of mobile cement silo is smaller than that of stationary cement silos. Of course, Daswell can design and manufacture cement silos with different capacities to meet your needs. And you can use more than one cement silos for your construction sites or concrete batching plants, if you need large cement silo capacity. Take popular bolted silos for example. It has a wide range of capacity, from 50 ton to 2000 ton.

components of cement silo

Cement silos are composed of various parts, such as steel structure for the silo, stairs, hand rails, cement loading pipe, de-duster, safety valve, level indicator, discharge valve and so on. There are detailed information for the de-dusting system, arch breaker, and cement level indicator. At the top of cement silo, there is electric de-dusting device, which can efficiently collect dust and reduce dust pollution. For the arch breaker, it can prevent the cement from jamming, bridging, compacting caused by vibration. As for the level indicator, there are usually two, one on the upper side and the other bottom side.

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Cement Silo Construction

Cement silo is a cylinder structure with four steel legs supported. The whole cement silo is made of welded sturdy steel. And for bolted types cement silos, they are made of modular structures which can be bolted together to form upright cement silos. Cement silo is suitable to store bulk materials such as cement and fly ash. And it is often water proof, and easy to use. As a result, cement silos are often used for concrete batching plant to store and discharge cement or fly ash. And there are de-duster and safety valve at the top of the cement silo. And at the bottom, there are arch breaker preventing cement from jamming. There are also level indicators so that operator can know the material left easily.  For the loading of cement, there is often bulk cement truck. While for discharging of cement, there is screw conveyor which can direct cement or fly ash into concrete mixer. And at the same time,the cement also can be discharged pneumatically.

bolted cement silo modular structures

How does a Cement Silo Work

Low profile cement silos and mobile cement silos are often of simple structure. Take stationary upright cement silos for example. Firstly, the cement silo will be erected by crane and put it on concrete foundation. After being erected, check the angle it formed with horizontal ground. And fix and weld the cement silo with foundation embedded parts. When it is fixed on the ground, you can transport bulk cement to the site. Connecting transfer pipe of cement truck with inlet tube of the cement silo, the cement can be pneumatically transferred into the cement silo. And while the transferring underway, operator should press the button of de-dusting machine constantly so that prevent the cement silo from overstock. Since there are level dictators on the upper and bottom sides of the cement silo, operator can know when it is full or lack cement. When discharging cement, operator can manually open the discharge valve under the cone. And whenever there is malfunction, operator can close the discharge valve.

bolted silo

Cement Silo Maintenance and Cleaning

A clean cement silo can ensure the quality of concrete as we as the smooth work of concrete batching plant and meet production goals. On the contrary, a clogged cement silo can obstruct the operation of concrete batch plant and may end with poor quality concrete. So it is of vital importance to do the daily maintenance work for the cement silo both inside and outside. And cleaning is the main part of the maintenance work. It is easy to clean the external of cement silo with water and there are maintenance stairs on the cement silos. For the internal cleaning, it is much tricky and needs great attention. Detergent is often used to clean the cement silo. Remember to keep the cement silo dry after cleaning. Otherwise, the cement silo will get rust. If there is cement agglomeration, please remove the agglomeration with hammer or shovel before cleaning. Except cleaning, please check the status of de-duster, draft fan and other spare parts.