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Central Mix Plant

Central mix plant is also known as wet mix concrete batch plant. Central mix concrete plant weights aggregate, cement or fly ash, additive and water separately and discharge these raw ingredients into the central concrete mixer. After a set period of time, the concrete is thoroughly batched and then discharged through chute into mixer truck. And it is the opposite of transit mix batch plant or dry mix concrete plant. For in transit mix concrete batch plant, the ingredients, except water, are weighted and discharged into the mixer truck, while water is discharged into the truck at different time. And the mixer truck batches the concrete on the way to project sites.

Central Mix Concrete Plant for Sale

Daswell manufactures and supplies quality central mix concrete plant for sale. And we design and manufacture both standard central mix plant as well customized wet mix concrete batch plants according to customers’ needs. Daswell made central mix concrete batch plants are of high performance that can work for a long service time. And high quality concrete can be produced repetitively to meet desired standards for different applications. Besides our central mix plants can meet medium to ultra large concrete production capacity requirements. Wet mix concrete batch plant in Daswell are made of high quality materials which can also reduce maintenance costs.

central mix plant
central mix concrete plant

Wet Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Daswell machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching plants. And we offer types of concrete batch plants according to customers’ specific requirements. For we consult detailed information of your desired concrete plants, such as the applications of concrete, situations of construction sites, production capacity and so on. According to these specific needs, we design and manufacture the tailored concrete plants for customers. Daswell has been proved to be reliable concrete batching plants manufacturer and supplier. We have successfully delivered many kinds of concrete batch plants for customers all over the world. And they are satisfied with both our products as well as all-around services. And some of them have voluntarily introduced us to their friends or business partners, which is a great honor for us. And we are determined to manufacture and supply the ever better products and services to customers.

More about Wet Mix Concrete Plant

Features of Wet Mix Concrete Batch Plant

High Quality

Equipment of wet mix concrete batch plant in Daswell is all made of high quality materials. And due to these robust designs, the central mix plant in Daswell have long lifetime and needs less maintenance.

Low maintenance costs

Daswell central mix plants are of robust designs that need less maintenance which in return reduces its costs.

Available parts

As a manufacturer, we provide different kinds of spare parts for the central mix plants. And we can ensure quick delivery of these parts. What’s more, in some countries like Philippine we also have wares houses with spare parts inventory.

Different mixer sizes

There are a great many concrete mixers with different sizes for customers to choose. And they can choose the suitable ones according to desired concrete production capacity and concrete applications and so on.

Easy to set up and tear down

Wet mix concrete batch plants are made of modular designs which make them easy to set up and tear down.

Easy to operate

All the processes for the wet mix concrete batch plants can be controlled automatically through control panel. This makes the plant easy to operate as well as ensure the accuracy work of the plant.

Types of Central Mix Plant

There are mainly two kinds of central mix concrete plants. One is stationary central mix batch plant and the other is mobile central mix plant. Stationary central mix plant is often of modular designs that needs few days to set up or tear down. And it is suitable for long term project sites with high production capacity requirements. Of course, the stationary central mix plant also can serve as ready mix concrete batching plant that provides constant concrete for different customers. As for the mobile central mix concrete batch plant, it is easy to set up and tear down in a short period of time, due to its special designs. For it is easy to be transported and relocated, mobile wet mix concrete batching plant is more suitable for temporary construction sites that need low concrete production capacity. You can choose the best suited one according to your specific needs. And no matter which one you choose, Daswell central mix plants can ensure return in investment in a short period of time.

mobile wet mix batching plant
wet mix concrete batching plant manufacturer Daswell

Buy Wet Mix Concrete Batch Plant from Daswell

Daswell machinery designs and manufactures quality central mix concrete batch plants. And all of them can be customized made to meet customers’ specific needs. All the concrete batching plants in Daswell are made of robust designs that can last longer and perform at high efficiency. If you want to buy concrete batching plants, please contact Daswell.

Comparisons of Wet Batching Plant and Dry Mix Plant

Wet batching plant, also called central mix plant, is often compared with dry mix plant or transit mix plant.

The transit mix plant weights sand, gravel, cement or fly ash in weight batchers separately. Then these ingredients are discharged through chute into mixer truck. For water, it is weighted or volumetrically metered through the same chute into the mixer truck. The mixer truck will batch and mix the concrete on the way to project sites.

For central mix plant, all the ingredients include water are weighted and discharged into central concrete mixer. After batching for a set period of time, the concrete is thoroughly batched. And then it is discharged into a mixer truck. Since the concrete is already batched, the truck only needs to agitate the concrete on the way to jobsite, preventing it from setting.

Compared with dry batch concrete plant, central mix plant can produce consistent quality of concrete to meet precise mix design. While for transit mix concrete plant, each load of concrete may be different in quality. For there are many factors involved in, such as truck blade design, traffic situation and so on.

For concrete production capacity, central mix plant tends to produce larger capacity of concrete than the transit mix concrete plant. As for the transit mixer truck, those of central mix plants need less maintenance than those of transit mix plants. And the former ones can load concrete more quickly than the latter ones.