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Compact Concrete Batching Plant

compact concrete batch plant

compact concrete plant

Compact concrete batching plant is a unique version of concrete batching plant. For compact concrete plant combines the mobility of mobile concrete batching and the durability of stationary concrete batching plant. Like portable concrete batching plant, compact concrete plants are often made of pre-assembled and pre-wired units and modular designs. Due to these features, compact concrete batching plants are also easy to transported and installed like portable ones. What’s more, compact concrete plant also needs little or minimum foundation, while remain stable as stationary concrete batching plant while working. Boasted of the advantages of both mobile and stationary concrete batching plants, compact concrete plant is unmatched solution for many construction projects.

Key Features of Compact concrete plant

Compact designs

Compact concrete batching plant is of modular structures which are often pre-assembled and pre-wired. As a result, compact concrete plant is easy to be transported and installed, which make the compact concrete plant easy to be relocated from one place to another.

Automatic control system

Daswell compact concrete plants are equipped with automatic control systems which can ensure the smooth and accurate work of the compact concrete batching plants. And the system makes the compact concrete plant easy to operate.

Less foundation

Due to its modular design, compact concrete plant needs no or minimum foundation, which can save operational costs.

Customized designs

The exact configurations of compact concrete batching plants may differ from each other according to the specific needs of customers.For example, customers can choose the best suited concrete mixers. And there are also many optional parts to choose.

Easy maintenance

Thanks to the robust design and innovative design, compact concrete batching plants made in Daswell need less maintenance. Even if there is need of maintenance, they are easy to maintain with large maintenance platform.

All around services

As a professional manufacturer of concrete plant, Daswell provide both pre-sales and after-sales services to meet your requirements.

compact Concrete Batching Plant Components

Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is a vital piece of equipment for concrete plant. For Daswell made compact concrete batching plant, the concrete mixers can come with different types, such as drum types concrete mixing machines, twin shaft concrete mixers, tilt or reversible concrete mixers and so on. Customers can choose kinds of concrete mixers according to their specific needs.

Aggregate bin feeder

Daswell compact concrete batching plants are equipped with four aggregate bin feeders which are used to feed gravel, sand, aggregate and so on. The aggregate feeder is also installed with vibratory motors to mitigate vibration. And there is also air compressor to control pneumatic operated gates on aggregate bins.

Weighing System

The weighing system involves aggregate weighing conveyor,cement weighing hopper and water weighing tank. Under the aggregate bin feeder, there are aggregate weighing conveyor and aggregate hopper, which will weigh the aggregates. Due to compact designs, cement weighing hopper and water weighing tank are often situated above concrete mixer to save space.

Control panel

For the control panel, it is often housed in control room. For convenience as well as safe operation, the control room is often attached on the compact concrete batching plant. As for the control system, it is based on PLC system which makes the operation of compact concrete plant automatic and easy to operate.

Elevating conveyor

After being weighted according to set ratios, the aggregates will be delivered into the hopper, which will be transferred to the concrete mixer through the elevating conveyor. What’s more, the elevating conveyor can also can be folded on compact concrete batching plants to save place when it is transported.

cement silo

Cement silo is useful for bulk storage of cement. And it also comes with many styles, such as low profile cement silo, bolted cement silo, horizontal cement silo and so on. Each cement silo has its own advantages, so customers can choose the best suited ones. And cement is transferred from cement silo through screw conveyor.

Compact concrete plant manufacturer Daswell

Daswell machinery is a proven manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching plants in China. And we manufacture both standard and customized concrete batching plants according to customers’ requirements. Various types of concrete batch plants available in Daswell with different configurations, batching styles, etc. With rich experience and professional knowledge, Daswell has successfully delivered a great many of concrete batching plants for customers around the world. And many projects have become the statement for our company’s value: always put customers’ interests and product quality at first. As for compact concrete plants, they are becoming more and more popular among customers due to their outstanding features. Combined mobility with durability,compact concrete batching plants are suitable for most construction projects.

compact concrete batching plant