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concrete batch mixing plant for sale

Batching Plant

Concrete batch plant for sale is also known as concrete plant for sale and batch plant for sale. Concrete plant is used to make concrete by mixing proper amount of aggregates, water, additives, cement or fly ash. And it often consists of various parts and components, such as feed bin, concrete mixer, weighing system, storage devices, conveyor, and so on. Designed for different situations and equipped with varied equipment, concrete plants can come with different sizes and structures. Generally, there are stationary batch plant and mobile concrete plant, used for various projects as both on-site concrete plant and ready mix concrete batching plant. With the fast pace of modernization, more and more civil infrastructures are built around the world. So as the demand of concrete batching plants. Daswell machinery manufactures and supplies quality concrete batching plants with customer-made designs. 

Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Daswell machinery company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete batch plants in China. As a trusted supplier of concrete batch mix plants, Daswell provides batching plant equipment with high quality and great performance. In the last decade, Daswell has successfully exported concrete batching plants for customers all around the world. These concrete batching plants are used for a variety of construction applications, such as buildings, roads, bridges, and some of them are worked as ready mix batching plants. And the customers are satisfied with our products and services and some even introduce Daswell to their friends. The trust of customers is the commitment of our company and also a great engine for our growth. For more detailed information you can check our cases category. We will remain committed to providing tailor-made concrete plants with quality equipment for our customer.

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Key Features of Daswell Batch Plants

  1. Customer design. Daswell makes customer designs for concrete batch plants so that they can be used for various operating situations.
  2. Various batching plants. We offer a wide range of concrete batching plants with different capacity, such as stationary and mobile batch plants, dry mix and wet mix concrete plants, ready mix and on site batching plants and so on.
  3. Quality concrete plants. Daswell concrete batching plant is made of high quality materials to ensure the quality of mix, maximize productivity, and increase return on investment.
  4. Automatic control system. Automatic concrete batch mix plant in Daswell is equipped with PLC control system. And all the processes can be controlled and monitored by the control panel, which reduce the cost of manual labor and ensure the accuracy of the working processes.
  5. Environmental awareness. Daswell batching plant is also designed with the consideration of environment. For example, there are dust collectors to collect dust, and the silos of cement or fly ash is completely sealed to prevent it from leaking into the air.
  6. Easy maintenance. Daswell concrete batching plants are equipped with stairs so that they can be checked and maintained easily.
  7. Affordable spare parts. Concrete plants includes a wide range of spare parts, and Daswell provides quality concrete batching plant parts with short delivery time.

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How Concrete Batch Plant Work

Before we come to how concrete batching plant works, we should first understand the general components of the batching plant. There are five systems: concrete mixer system, weighing system for the materials, conveying system, storage system and control system. Now here comes the process of concrete batch plant. The weighing system includes cold bins, weighing conveyor, load cell. Firstly, the aggregates like sand, gravel are fed into cold bins. And they are weighted one by one on weighing conveyor. Then they are mixed and are transferred to the concrete mixer by belt conveyor or hopper lift. Actually, at the top of the unit, there are also hoppers for cement, water and additives. And these materials will be weighed separately before they are discharged into the concrete mixer. The water is transferred to the water hopper by pump and cement is transferred to the hopper through screw conveyor. Once inside the mixer, all these ingredients are mixed uniformly for fixed period of time. Finally, the finished concrete is discharged into truck through discharging chute.

concrete batch plant for sale

Concrete Batching Plant Capacity

Concrete batching plant capacity is one of the important factors to consider when you choose concrete batch plants. And there are great variety of batching plants with different capacities. Generally speaking, there are two main kinds of concrete mixing plants. One is stationary batching plant and the other is mobile concrete batching plant. And the models of our concrete batch plants are named after their theory production capacity in an hour. The models available in Daswell is HZS and YHZS. For the HZS model, Daswell provides batching plants with 25-180 m³/hour capacity. Take HZS25 for example. It means the concrete plant is equipped with a twin shaft concrete mixer, and in theory it can produce 25 m³concrete in an hour. For YHZS series, it is the mobile concrete batching plant with smaller capacity than stationary ones. And our portable concrete batch plants can produce 25-100 m³/hour production capacity. Of course, if you have specific needs in production capacity, we can definitely make customer design for your batching plants.

concrete batching plant for sale

Types of Concrete Plants in Daswell

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of concrete batch plants, Daswell provides a great many kinds of batching plants. We offer a wide range of ready mix concrete batching plants and on site concrete batch plants. Besides, Daswell can design and manufacture variety of stationary and mobile concrete batching plants for different operating situations as well as specific needs. As for batching plant capacity, we provides both small concrete plants as well concrete batching plant with great production capacity. And these batch plants can be fully automatic or semi automatic. According to batching styles, Daswell offers dry mix batching plant with transit mixer as well as wet mix concrete batch mix plant. Although there are many kinds of batching plants available in Daswell, each of them is made of high quality materials to ensure long term service time and be the valuable investments for our customer.

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Small Concrete Plant

Stationary Concrete Plant

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Concrete Batch Plant Design and Layout

With rich experience, Daswell has manufactured and exported many kinds of batching plants. And they are used for various applications, such as ready mix, civil infrastructures, like roads, bridges, buildings, airports and so on. Since each operating situation is unique, the design and layout of these concrete batch plant is unique and customer made. Daswell believe in making tailor-made solutions for your concrete batching equipment needs. When you reach us, our salesperson and engineering staff will consult with you about the detailed information of your operating situations and your specific needs. Then we can offer you a customize solution for your concrete batching plant that meets all your needs. And with a wide range of concrete batching plant and equipment, Daswell will deliver successful concrete plants for your with customer-made design and layout.

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Concrete Batching Plant Price

As stated above, there are many kinds of concrete batching plants available with different configurations. Besides, except for the standard concrete batching plants, these plants can also be customer designed to meet customers’ specific needs. So there is no fixed price list for all these batching plant. One thing is certain that Daswell machinery makes and offers only quality concrete plants with competitive prices. If you want to have a quote, please contact Daswell. And our salesperson and engineering staff will communicate with you about the operating situations and your needs. And according to customers’ specific needs, we will give you the customized concrete batching plant layout and design with recommended equipment. And then we will give you a concrete batching plant price list with great details. Please do not hesitate to contact us for concrete batching plant prices.

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Concrete Batch Plant Parts

The concrete batching plant is composed of a variety of parts and accessories, such as concrete mixer, feed bins, cement batcher, conveyor, cement silos, dust collectors and panel control and so on. And there are also many other spare parts. As we all know, the quality of the whole concrete batching plants depend on the quality each part. As a professional manufacturer of concrete batching plants, Daswell manufactures and provides a wide range of quality parts and accessories to ensure the high quality of concrete batching plants. We offer components and parts like air cylinders, load ell, level meter,motor and so on.  In fact, in order to be close to our customer and reduce break down time of their concrete batching plants, we have built offices and warehouses in Philippines, Egypt and other places. And we ensure quick delivery of these concrete batching plants spare parts so that your batching plants can operate normally.