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Concrete Batching Plant 

What is concrete batching plant? Concrete batching plant is also known as batch plant, concrete plant, batch mix plant, concrete batch plant, concrete mix plant and so on. Concrete batch plant, as the name implies, is equipment to produce concrete by combining and mixing aggregates like sand and gravel, water, cement, additives or other materials. A concrete batching plant is often consisted of many parts, such as concrete mixer, cold feeder, batchers for cement and additives, conveyor, silo, control panel, dust collectors and so on. And concrete batch plant is often used for civil infrastructure construction, ready mix and so on.

Types of Batching Plants​

Stationary Concrete Plant​

Generally, according to the ease of start up and tear down, there are stationary and mobile concrete batching plants. Stationary batch mix plant is often large in size and takes more time to set up. Besides, stationary batch plant can work stably and produce great quantity of quality concrete. So stationary concrete batching plant is suitable for long term project that require high concrete production capacity. Besides, in line with the transferring system of aggregates, stationary batch plants can also be divided as belt conveyor concrete plant and hopper lift concrete plant. Belt conveyor batch plant uses belt to transfer mixture of aggregates to the concrete mixer. And often the belt is covered, protecting it from rain and sun. So the concrete plant can work continuously in spite of bad weather. For hopper lift concrete plant, it uses hopper to transfer the aggregates to the concrete mixer. And due to the limit of the hopper, the batch plant can make smaller quantity of concrete than belt conveyor ones.

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant​

Mobile or portable concrete plant is often a single unit equipped with axle and tires. Due to its unique design, mobile batching plant can be transported easily to working sites, and can be installed in short period of time and get ready for operation. Of course, due to the same reason, mobile concrete batching plant can make small quantity of concrete at a time. Because of these features, portable concrete batch plant is more suitable for temporary projects, emergency repair of road, airport, bridges and so on.

Ready Mix Batching Plant​

According to the applications of produced concrete, concrete batch plants can be classified as commercial use concrete plant and on site batch plant for projects. And as the names imply, the commercial batch plant produces concrete to sell for others, while the later makes concrete for engineering projects. Ready mix batch plants are often of large sizes with great production capacity, and can make tailored concrete according the specific needs of their customers. While on site concrete batching plant can make specific concrete for the on-going projects. And according to the project complexity, on site concrete batching plants can be stationary batching plant and also portable concrete batch plant.

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Dry Mix And Wet Mix Concrete Plant

Dry mix concrete plant is also called as transit mix plant. Firstly, to weigh the aggregates, cement and additives accurately via digital or manual scales. Rather than discharged these ingredients into a concrete mixer, they are discharged into a truck. And proper amount of water is also metered into the truck according to set design. Then the ingredients will be mixed in the truck during transportation to the working site. Wet mix concrete plant weighs all the ingredients including water and discharges them into central concrete mixer. After that, the concrete will be transferred to jobsite using ready mix trucks or open-bodied dump truck. Wet mix concrete plant can produce consistent quality of concrete for there is a central concrete mixing point. Compared with wet mix concrete plant, dry mix concrete batching plant has a clear disadvantage: the quality of each load of concrete may be inconsistent, for factors like traffic situation, mix times and so on.

Automatic And Semi-Automatic Concrete Plant​

Modern concrete plant is often fully automatic. From the material weighing and feeding to the discharging of concrete, all the processes of concrete batching plant is automated. In fact, the automatic concrete batching plant is controlled by control panel with PLC system. The panel allows operators to operate, monitor and make adjustments easily without manual intervention. For the semi-automatic concrete batching plant, more often than not, they are small concrete batch mix plants for small projects. Usually, the weighing and feeding of ingredients are often done manually. And when desired weight of materials is fed in the concrete mixer, human labor will stop feeding material.

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Concrete Batching Plant Components​

Although there are many different kinds of concrete mixing plants, the main components of the concrete mix plant are the same. Generally, there are five systems: concrete mixer, aggregate weighing system, conveying system, storage system and control system.

Concrete Mixer

The concrete mixer is the central part of a concrete batching plant, and it can mix the materials thoroughly to produce quality concrete. Generally speaking, there are several kinds of concrete mixers which are often used. There are twin shaft concrete mixer, single shaft mixer, tilt drum mixer, pan mixer and planetary mixer. These concrete mixers have their own pros and cons, and all you need to do is to choose the best suited one for your concrete batching plant.

aggregate Weighing System

Material weighing system includes the weighing of aggregates like rock and gravel, cement or fly ash, water and additives. For the quality of concrete depends heavily on the amount of these materials, they must be weight accurately. And thanks to the advances of technology, the whole material weighing process can be done digitally. As for the aggregates weighing system, it is often consisted of 3 or 4 bin feeder and aggregate weighing conveyor. And there are separate devices to control the weight of water, cement, and additives.

Control System

Control system of automatic concrete batching plant can control the whole processing of the plant. And with advanced PLC system, the control panel allows operators to operate easily.

Storage System

Storage system refers to the storage of aggregates, cement, water and additives. The aggregates is often stored in stock yard and then they will be fed into the cold feed bins. For the cement or fly ash, they are often stored in silo. And water is stored in water tank. For additive, due to its special property, it is often stored in steel made container.

conveying System

Transferring system refers to the transferring of aggregates, water, cement and additives into concrete mixer. Usually the aggregates can be transferred to the concrete mixer with belt conveyor or hopper lift. and water and additives are often directed into their separate container before being discharged into the concrete mixer. For the cement, it is often transferred to a hopper through screw conveyor before being dumped into the concrete mixer.

How to Choose a Suitable Batching Plant​

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a concrete batch plant. Of course, there are many other factors to consider, and you can turn to Daswell for help so that to build your best suited concrete batching plant.

Applications of concrete

There are several applications for concrete batching plants, such as ready mix, construction projects and so on. Understand the application, you can choose the suitable one. For on-site concrete plant should meet the needs of the projects while ready mix concrete batching plant should consider the requirements of customers who need concrete.

Working site situation

Take the situation of working site into consideration can ensure the smooth and quality operation of concrete batching plant. For example, you should consider the traffic situation of the jobsite, the distances from project site and so. And you can arrange the concrete batching plant equipment accordingly.

Production capacity

In line with the applications of batching plant, you can choose concrete batch plant with different production capacity. For small projects, batching plant with small capacity is needed, while for long term projects or ready mix application, concrete batching plant with large production capacity is suitable.

Concrete Batching Plant Process Flow​

Firstly, the cement packs are loaded into cement transfer from which the cement is pumped into silo for storage. Then using loader truck to take aggregate from stock yard and load them into separate cold bins. And then weighing cement based on mix design and transfer it from screw conveyor into cement hopper. Water and additive are also weighed according to mix design and are transferred respective bins for usage. For the aggregates, they are respectively weighed based on mix design and dump into aggregate hopper or belt conveyor all together. Then all these materials are dumped into the concrete mixer for a set period of time. Finally the concrete is discharged into mixer truck. For automatic concrete batching plant, all these processes can be controlled by control panel, which ensures great accuracy and reliability. Of course, for some small batching plant, the process flow may be different in some places, but the general processes are the same.

Concrete Batching Plant Price List​

As stated above, there are many different kinds of concrete batching plants and many different components available. Besides, due to the specific situations and needs, the best suited batching plant for you should be customer-made as well as the choose of relevant equipment. So there is no standard criteria for concrete batching plant price list. Although price is also an important factor for choosing concrete plant, the suitable one for your projects is always the best. If you want to have a detailed price list of the concrete batching plant, please contact Daswell. And our salespersons are willing to help. We will consult detailed information of your needs so as to make your the suitable design of your concrete plant and accordingly make the price list for you. Please feel free to contact us, we are here for you.