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Concrete mixer for sale in Daswell. Concrete mixer, also known as cement mixer, is a piece of equipment to form concrete by combining aggregates, cement, water and additives in a consistent and homogeneous way. Cement mixer is a central device for any ready mix concrete batching plant. In other words, if you want to obtain high quality concrete, you need high performance of concrete mixers. Daswell manufactures and offers a wide range of quality cement mixers with various brands and capacities. And we can make customized concrete mixers to fit your needs. Daswell made concrete mixers are of high quality materials with robust designs. As a result, they are durable and reliable, and need little maintenance work. With varied concrete mixers, different kinds of high quality concrete can be made.

Types of Concrete Mixers

There are various types of concrete mixer machines available according to different criteria. And you can choose the suitable ones for your needs. And you can also contact Daswell for expert advice. According to inner structures, concrete mixers can be divided as single shaft concrete mixer, twin shaft mixer, planetary cement mixers, pan mixers and so on. In single shaft and twin shaft concrete mixers, the blades work in horizontal way, while planetary concrete mixer works in a vertical way. As for single and twin shaft concrete mixers, as the names imply, single shaft concrete mixer contains one shaft with single motor and twin shaft mixer consists two shafts with two motors. In line with the fact whether they are portable or not, concrete mixers can be portable mixers and stationary concrete mixers. In light of the batching capacity, concrete mixers can also be classified as small concrete mixers and big concrete mixers. According to power system, there are also many different kinds. For example, there are electric concrete mixers which are very popular among customers.  Besides, there are also hydraulic mixers, diesel concrete mixer, gasoline concrete mixer, petrol cement mixer and even manual concrete mixer. Except all these, there are also concrete mixer trucks available. These transit mixer trucks are usually used for dry batch concrete batching plants. For they can batch the concrete on the way to job sites.

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Advanced Features of Cement Mixers

Robust design

All concrete mixers in Daswell are built with high quality materials with advanced welding technology. Besides, they are equipped with highly wear-resistant wearing parts. They are built to be reliable and durable.

High performance

Daswell cement mixers are of high performance that they can produce homogeneous in short time. And this makes the concrete mixer cost efficient with low energy consumption.

Variety of concrete

Since we have various types of concrete mixers available, they can be used to produce all kinds of concrete to meet your specific needs.

Customized designs

Daswell engineers and manufactures different configurations of concrete mixers to meet your needs, to be compatible with your existing concrete plants.

Easy maintenance

Due to features like wide maintenance gate or bolted replaceable linings, Daswell concrete mixer machines are easy to maintain and cost less.

All around services

As a professional manufacturer of concrete mixers, Daswell provide both pre-sales and after-sales services to meet your needs.

concrete mixers for sale

Concrete Mixer Machine Manufacturer

Daswell machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching plant equipment. We are reliable partner for contractors and other customers. For we have successfully delivered many concrete plants for customers all over the world, and our concrete batching plant equipment is also widely preferred by our customers. With rich experience and professional expertise, we provide customized solutions for concrete batch plants and offer quality batching plant equipment. As for cement mixer, Daswell manufactures and supplies a wide range of high quality concrete mixers with different capacities. For to get quality homogeneously batched concrete, high performance concrete mixers are must-haves. Our cement mixer machines are built to be reliable and durable to last, and can produce high quality concrete in short period time.

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Concrete Mixer Price

Price is a vital factor to consider when you buy a concrete mixer. However, as mentioned above, there are great many types of concrete mixers available and all of them can be customer made to meet specific needs of customers. Besides, although the same type of concrete mixer machines can be varied in materials, capacities and so on. As a result, the prices of concrete mixture machines varied according to different types of cement mixers. If you want to buy concrete mixers, you can contact Daswell any time works for you. And our salesperson and engineer will consult you about the specific needs, and make a customized solution for your cement mixers. And the solution is set, we will give you the exact prices of concrete mixers. Prices of concrete mixers are competitive in Daswell, and we never compromise quality for mere prices’ sake. Please contact us as soon as possible. 

quality concrete mixers for sale in Daswell

Concrete Mixer Components

There are many different types of concrete mixers according to batching types, capacities, materials and so on. And the exact configuration of each cement mixers are varied in line with customers’ needs. However, there are some parts are in common. For example, there are revolving drum, inlet and discharging chute, blade, frame, turning mechanism and so on. For some types of concrete mixers, there are also shafts and motors, etc. As for portable concrete mixers, there are also wheels attached. So the actual designs and configurations really depend on what kinds of cement mixers you want, and the applications and requirements of concrete. For the replacement, Daswell manufactures and provides quality concrete mixers components, and they will be delivered to you as soon as possible to reduce break down time , ensure normal operation of your concrete plant. 

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For customers who want to buy concrete mixer, they may be puzzled by the wide range of concrete mixers available in Daswell. For we manufacture and offer various types of concrete mixers with varied brands. So it may become difficult to choose a suitable one. And there are important factors that should be considered. For example, you should consider the applications of concrete. As different kinds of concrete can be used for different applications, you need choose suitable concrete mixers. Besides, you should consider the requirement of concrete production capacity. To obtain large capacity of concrete, large concrete mixer machines are needed. While small cement mixers are suitable for small concrete capacity needs. Then consider the characteristics of each kind of concrete mixers. Different types of concrete mixers have their own advantages and limits. For example, twin shaft mixers can batch quality concrete in short time. And they are suitable for producing strength concrete and so on. Understanding the working principles and characteristics of different concrete mixers can help you with correctly choosing the best suited mixers.