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Containerized Concrete Batching Plant

containerized concrete batching plant

Containerized Concrete Plant

Containerized concrete batching plant, also known as container type concrete plant, is a new type of concrete batching plant designed to meet constant changing requirements of construction industry. Compared with traditional concrete plants, containerized concrete plants are made of modular designs in the shapes of containers. Due to these unique designs, container type concrete batching plants are easy to install with no need for foundations. Besides, as the concrete batching machines are installed inside the containers, they are much more environmental friendly. Overall, containerized concrete batching plants are kinds of economic concrete plants with unique designs. For more details, please contact Daswell.

Outstanding Features of Container Type Concrete Plants

  1. Modular design with container shape. Containerized concrete batching plants are of modular designs with container shapes, which can be easily transported.
  2. Quality materials. Whether the containers or the concrete batching plant machines, they are all made of high quality materials to ensure long lifetime.
  3. Easy set-up and tear down. In fact, the containerized concrete plant is made of several container shaped structures, which store all the concrete batching plant equipment. This makes the whole plant easy to install and dismantle.
  4. Environment awareness. Since all the machines for concrete batching plants are installed inside the containers, there are less sound pollution as well as air pollution.  
  5. No foundation. For containerized concrete plants, there are no needs for foundations, which save civil engineering as well as money. All you need is even ground and some work to stabilize the containers.
  6. Various applications. Daswell containerized concrete batching plants can be configured with various concrete mixers and other parts. As a result, they can be used for construction projects such as airports, roads, buildings, and so on.
containerized concrete batching plant

Container type concrete batch plant components

As mentioned above, containerized concrete batching plants are made of container shaped modular designs. Usually, there are five modules:  weighing module, batching module, conveying module, storage module and control module. And these modules are stored in separate containers. Besides, all the parts, pipes, wires inside the containers are installed and tested in factory before delivering to minimize the work at construction sites. In fact, all you need is to put and connect these containers according to requirements. As a result, it often takes only one day to install or dismantle the concrete plant, which is very efficient. For standard configuration, containerized concrete batching plants are equipped with twin shaft compulsory concrete mixers. Of course, we can also customize the containerized concrete plants with different configurations according to your needs. What’s more, Daswell can provide a great variety of quality concrete batching plant components as soon as possible. 

containerized concrete batching plant prices

Containerized concrete plant manufacturer Daswell

Daswell machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching plants. We engineer and manufacture different kinds of batching plants to meet customers’ needs. And we keep innovating in technologies and products to fit the constant challenges and demands of construction industries. Containerized concrete batching plant is a great example.Nowadays, there is great need for mobility concrete batching plant, for construction sites should be changed frequently. However, there are great costs in relocation of concrete batching plant. And that’s why mobile or portable concrete batch plants are more and more popular among customers. But as it is known, transportable batching plants are only suitable for projects with small and moderate concrete requirements. What’s more, the raising awareness of environment responsibility make companies to seek concrete batching plants with little pollution. It is under these circumstances that containerized concrete batching plants are made.