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Dry Mix Batching Plant

dry mix batching plant

Dry Batch Concrete Plant

Dry mix batching plant is also known as transit mix plant. In the dry mix concrete plant, aggregates, cement or fly ash is separately weighted in weight batcher via digital or manual scale. Then the mixture of these ingredients is discharged into mixer truck through the chute. As for the water, it is weighted according to the mix design or be volumetrically metered through the chute into the transit truck. And then these raw ingredients will be mixed and batched in the mixer truck while on the way to the working site. In other words, there is no central concrete mixer in the dry mix concrete plant. Daswell manufactures and supplies dry mix concrete batching plants according to customers’ specific needs, such as applications, capacity and so on.

Dry Mix Concrete Plant Supplier

Daswell is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching plants. And we make and provide types of concrete plants, such as stationary concrete plant, mobile batching plant, ready mix concrete batch plant, small or large concrete plants and so on. Besides, we offer customized concrete batching plants according to customers’ specific needs. Daswell is a proved reliable supplier of concrete batch mix plants, for we have successfully delivered many kinds of concrete plants to customers around the world in the last decade. And our customers are very satisfied with our products and services. For dry mix concrete plant, Daswell manufactures and offers consistent quality plants. And it can produce high production with great cost efficiency.

dry mix batching plant

Key Features of Daswell dry mix plant

1.Easy maintenance with low costs. The dry mix concrete batching plant manufactured by Daswell is easy to maintain, which can cost less money.
2.Quality equipment. The dry mix batching plant is composed of many kinds of machines. And these machines are all made of quality materials with great care. As a result, the dry mix concrete batch plant in Daswell has high performance as well as a long service time.
3.Less foundation. Due to the relatively compact design, dry mix concrete plant needs less foundation site, which can save a lot of money.
4.Easy to operate. The dry mix batch concrete plant in Daswell is controlled by PLC system, which makes it easy to operate and monitor the manufacturing process of concrete plant. This control system not only can reduce labor costs but also improve the accuracy of the operation.
5.Environmental awareness. Dry mix concrete batching plant is equipped with dust collector to collect dust so as to protect environment as well as the safety of workers.
6. Available spare parts. As a manufacturer of concrete plants, Daswell provides various parts and spare parts for the dry mix batching plant, so that they can be replaced quickly.
7.Quick installation and dismantlement. Due to its simple structure, the dry mix concrete batching plant can be set up and tore down in a few days, which allows quick operation or relocation.

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dry mix concrete batch plant

Dry Concrete Batching Plant Components

Compared with standard concrete batching plant, dry mix concrete plant is more simple, for it has no central concrete mixer. And the ingredients like aggregates and cement are just weighted and directed into transit truck, with water is weighted later and also discharged into the truck.  Dry mix concrete batching plant is composed of cold feeder, weighing system, conveyor or skip hoist, screw conveyor, cement or fly ash silo, batcher, and so on.Besides, dry concrete batching plants can also be made with customized configurations to meet customers’ needs. To become closer with customers, Daswell has already built several offices and warehouses in some countries. As a result, we can deliver your the components and parts quickly.

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Pros and Cons of Dry Mix Batching Plants

Here are several advantages for dry mix concrete batching plant. Firstly, the dry mix concrete plant are suitable for small construction projects with small requirements of concrete production capacity. Secondly, with dry mix batching plant, the construction site has no need to build a concrete batching plant, which saves money as well as reduce environment pollution. As for the disadvantage of dry mix batching plant, a clear one is that the quality of each batch may be different for factors like mix times, truck blade, drum conditions, traffic conditions and so on. Of course, different types of concrete batching plants have different applications and different advantages, you have to choose the best suited one according to your needs.

dry mix concrete batching plant for sale

Buy Dry Mix Concrete Plant from Daswell

Daswell has proven to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier of dry mix batching plants. For we have delivered many concrete batching plants projects for customers all around the world. And some projects have become the benchmarks of our company and the customers are happy to be the referrer for our company. Daswell manufactures and supplies customized dry mix concrete plants in line with customers’ needs. And we provide all around services before and after sales. For example, to reduce the break down time, we can offer you the concrete plant components and parts as soon as possible. Of course, you can always reach us for any help related to any kinds of concrete batching plants you need for your projects.