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Mini Concrete Batching Plant

mini concrete batching plant

Mini Concrete Plant

Mini concrete batching plant is small version of large concrete batching plant. It is called as mini concrete batch plant because it is small not only in dimensions but also in concrete production capacity. Small as it is, mini batching plant has almost the same configurations as large ones. Of course, the parts of mini concrete batching plants are smaller than those of large concrete plants. Due to these features, mini concrete batching plant is suitable for small or temporary construction projects that have small concrete production requirements and may need constant relocation. Mini concrete plants in Daswell come with many different types with customized configurations. If you have any question about mini concrete batching plants, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to help you with our expertise and rich experience. 

Mini concrete batch plant for sale

Mini concrete batch plant for sale in Daswell machinery. As mentioned above, mini concrete batch plant is perfect solution for temporary and small construction projects. Mini batching plants in Daswell are of robust designs with quality materials. As a result, the small concrete batching plants can be durable and reliable, and little maintenance work. Besides, due to their small dimensions, mini concrete batch plants have small footprints, which can save costs of foundation construction. What’s more, mini concrete batching plants are also easy to be transported, installed and dismantled. For the configurations, although they can be the same as those of large concrete batching plants, they often come with smaller sizes.

small concrete batching plant

Key Features of mini concrete plant

Compact designs

Mini concrete batching plants are often of compact designs which have small footprints.

Robust designs

Daswell mini batching plants are made of high quality materials to be reliable and durable.

Customized configurations

Mini concrete batching plants in Daswell come with different parts and component. Customers can choose what they want.

Great mobility

Due to small dimensions, mini concrete batch plants are usually easy to transport and install.

Easy maintenance

Due to high quality and unique designs, mini batching plants in Daswell need little maintenance and are easy to maintain.

Great customer services

From choosing the suitable concrete plant to offering after-sales services, Daswell is always here for your help.

Types of mini concrete batching plants

When it comes to mini concrete batching plants, there are two main kinds. One is skip hopper or hoist lift type concrete plant. And the other is mini mobile concrete batch plant.

mini batching plant

Skip Hopper Concrete Plant

Hoist lift batching plants are concrete plants that uses skip hopper to transfer aggregates to concrete mixers instead of belt conveyor. Compared with belt conveyor type concrete batching plants, the skip hopper type ones often have smaller capacities and enjoy smaller footprints. As a result, skip hopper concrete batching plants are often considered as mini or small batching plants while belt types ones the large concrete plants.

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mini portable concrete batch plant

Mini Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

Compared with stationary concrete batching plants, mobile concrete batch plants are often seen as mini concrete batching plants. And mini mobile concrete batching plant prices are often cheaper than stationary ones. Like hoist lift concrete plants, mini portable batching plants are small in sizes and capacities. But the later enjoys great mobility than concrete batch plant with skip hopper.

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Mini batching plant manufacturer

Daswell machinery is a proven manufacturer and supplier of mini batching plants. In fact, we engineer and manufacture a great many types of concrete batching plants to meet customers’ needs, such as stationary concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plant, small concrete batch plant and so on. We make both standardized and customized concrete batching plants according to customers’ specific requirements. Thanks to the rich experience and professional knowledge, we have delivered many successful concrete batching plants projects for customers around the world. All of our concrete batching plants, including mini concrete batch plants, are made of high quality materials to ensure long service time. And we also provide all-around services like pre-sales and after-sales services. Due to these outstanding products and services, Daswell has gain the recognition from our customers all over the world and some have established long term business relationships with Daswell. If you are interested in mini concrete batching plants, please contact Daswell as soon as possible.