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mobile concrete batching plant

Mobile concrete batching plant is special kind of concrete batching plant. It is portable and compact equipment that produce concrete at any location. And it is suitable for temporary construction sites that needs low concrete production capacity or for emergency repair work of bridges, roads and so on. So it is the effective alternative of stationary concrete batching plant. Compared with stationary batching plant, the mobile concrete plant is of high mobility and of smaller sizes, for it can be transported and relocated to another place easily. Besides, the mobile concrete mixing plant can be easily set up and dismantled. In all, mobile concrete batch plant is portable, economical and efficient equipment for making concrete.

Mobile concrete batching plant for sale in Daswell. We manufacture and supply mobile batching plants with the Model YHZ series. And the concrete production capacity of this series range from 25 m³/hour to 100m³/hour. Daswell mobile concrete batch plants are of single unit, including aggregate bin, concrete mixer, conveyor and batchers. Due to this special design, the mobile concrete plant can be set up and tore down in short period of time. And it can be relocated to another place easily. As a result, it is a productive and cost effective concrete batch plant. It is typically used for short term construction project with capacity requirement of concrete. Besides, it can also used at stationary locations when the equipment height is limited. Mobile concrete batching plant for sale in Daswell is of high performance equipment with high cost efficiency. And we will offer the customer engineered mobile batching plants for you according to your specific needs.

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Characteristics of Mobile Batch Plant

1. High mobility. For Daswell mobile concrete plant, its main unit is equipped with axle and tires so that it can be relocated easily. And due to its compact design, the mobile concrete batching plant can be transported in one truck trailer.
2.Easy and fast installation. The main parts of mobile concrete batch plants are pre-wired so that it can be set up and teared down easily and quickly.
3. Minimum foundation. Daswell mobile batching plant is of compact design with less footprint, and it needs less or no foundation. In return, this will reduce construction site costs.
4. High quality material. Daswell mobile concrete batching plants are made of high quality materials that can ensure great performance and long term service time.
5. Quality concrete. Although it is of compact design, mobile concrete batch plants in Daswell never compromise on the quality of concrete. In fact, it is composed of all necessary machines so as to produce high quality concrete.

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturer

Daswell machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile concrete batching plant. In the last decades, we have successfully delivered many kinds of concrete batching plants for our customers all around the world, including stationary and mobile concrete batching plants. We offer the customized concrete plants for our customers to meet their needs and ensure they have great returns on their reliable investment. As a professional and reliable manufacturer, Daswell makes quality concrete batching plants with high grade equipment. For we want the batching plants to be long term profitable investments. Besides, we provide all around after-sales services for our customers as well. Many of our customers are very satisfied with our products and services that they voluntarily be the referrers of our company.

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Price

In term of prices, mobile concrete plants are often cheaper than stationary ones. For the mobile batching plants are often smaller in sizes and have less concrete production capacity. Besides, mobile concrete batching plants are of small footprints which need less or no foundation site. This can also save investment. Besides, the mobile concrete batch mix plants have many machines and they can be tailored made according to customer needs. So there is still no clear cut price lists for all the mobile concrete batching plants. To get the exact price, please contact our salesperson. They will consult the detailed needs of yours and make the best suitable choice for you. Of course, you cannot just choose mobile concrete plants are the mere seek of lower prices. You have to choose suitable concrete batch plants according to your specific needs.

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Hire

As stated above, mobile concrete mixing plant is very convenient. For it can be easily transported, set up and dismantled. And it can work at any location to produce concrete. In all, it can allow users to batch concrete at almost any location and be transported to another jobsite. Due to these features, the mobile concrete batching plant can be used for temporary construction projects. For contractors, they can own mobile concrete batching plant for hire. Specifically speaking, they can rent their mobile batching plants for their customers who need low concrete production capacity for small construction sites. Once one project is finished, the mobile concrete batching plant can be transported and relocated to another jobsite, which in turn make great money for contractors. So mobile batching plant is suitable for hire.

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Types of Mobile Concrete Plants

Mobile concrete batching plants can be divided into dry mobile concrete plant and wet mobile concrete batching plant. Dry mobile concrete mixing plant means to mix aggregates, water, cement or fly ash into transit mixer. And on the way to the working site, the materials are batched and mixed to produce concrete. For wet mix mobile concrete batching plant, the raw ingredients like aggregates, water and cement are mixed and batched in a central mixer before the concrete is discharged into trucks. There are pros and cons of both dry and wet mobile concrete batching plants. So the best choice is to choose the suitable one for your construction project to meet your needs.

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