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Portable concrete plant, also known as mobile concrete batching plant, is concrete batching plant of compact design. The portable concrete plant is often of single unit with pre-wired and pre-plumbed structures. Besides, there are often wheels attached in the weighing devices. Some of the portable concrete mixer batching plants can be loaded in one container. As a result, the portable batching plant can be set up or torn down easily. And it can be transported and relocated easily to other locations. Due to these features, portable concrete batch plant is suitable for temporary project sites or projects with low requirement of concrete capacity. And it is very popular for contractors.

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Portable Concrete Plant for Sale

Portable concrete batch plant for sale in Daswell. Due to their outstanding features, portable concrete batching plants in Daswell are popular among customers with projects that need low requirement of concrete production capacity or contractors. Firstly, they are of highly portability. So these portable concrete plants can be deployed anywhere. As a result, they can also be used for remote jobsite and portable applications. Secondly, they are easy to set up and tear down with few days. This is very useful for emergency uses of concrete plant for repairing roads, bridges, airports and so on. Then, portable cement plants for sale in Daswell are made of robust designs that can serve long time. Last but not the least, portable concrete batching plant for sale in Daswell comes with a wide range of capacity from 25m³/h to 100 m³/h. And the capacity differs because of different sizes of concrete mixers. We can manufacture tailor made portable concrete plants for customers according to their needs.

Portable Batching Plant Manufacturer Daswell

Daswell machinery is specialized in manufacturing concrete batching plant. And we design and manufacture standard batching plants as well customized concrete batch plants according to customers’ needs. In fact, we make many types of concrete batching plants, such as stationary concrete plant, mobile concrete plant, ready mix concrete plant, transit mix and central mix batching plant. And all of them are built of high quality materials so that they can be long term profitable investments for customers. In the last decade, Daswell has already successfully delivered many different kinds of concrete batching plant projects for customers all around the world.

portable concrete batching plant for sale

Features of Portable Concrete Plant

1.Great mobility. Portable concrete plant is of compact design so that it can be relocated easily.
2.Easy to set up and tear down. Portable concrete batch plant is pre-wired and is of modular design. As a result, it can be set up and dismantled easily.
3.Small footprint. Daswell portable concrete batching plant is of compact design that occupies little space. Due to this feature, there is no or little need for foundation, which in return save a lot money.
4.Various capacity available. Equipped with different sizes of concrete mixers, portable concrete batching plant in Daswell can make different capacities of concrete.
5.High quality concrete. Although portable concrete plant is compact in size, it never compromises the batching quality. The concrete can be batched thoroughly to meet different standards for various applications.
6.Low maintenance costs. Portable batching plant in Daswell are made of high quality materials which as a result needs little maintenance. And even if it needs maintenance work, it is easy to maintain. In all, this can cost less maintenance fee.
7.Easy operation. Portable concrete plants in Daswell are equipped with automatic control systems which make the plants easy to operate.

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Types of portable concrete plants

According to mixing type, portable concrete plants can be divided as dry mix portable concrete plant and wet mix portable concrete plant. And in line with concrete production capacity, there are small portable batching plant and large portable concrete batching plant. When it comes to choosing portable concrete plants, you should consider the project situation, concrete capacity requirements and factors. For there is no one-for-all solution for your portable concrete batching plants. As for Daswell, as a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer, we can design and manufacture customized portable concrete batching plants according to your specific requirements. The best portable concrete batch plant is the most suitable one for you.

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Portable Concrete Plant Manufacturer

Due to its compact design, portable concrete batching plant is much cheaper than stationary concrete batch plant. However, there are still many kinds of portable batching plants different in designs, concrete production capacities, and so on. So the costs of portable concrete batch plants can be varied. To obtain detailed price lists, you can contact us. And our salesperson and engineers will consult you about your specific needs, so that we can make customized solutions for your portable concrete plants. If you want to buy or have interest in portable concrete plants or other batching plants, you can always contact us at any time.

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