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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

stationary concrete batching plant

Stationary Concrete Plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is concrete plant which is often fixed on ground to produce concrete. And it is often large in size with a complete set of concrete plant equipment. As a result, stationary concrete batching plant is more suitable for large and long term projects that need high concrete production capacity. Daswell designs and manufactures stationary concrete batching plants according to customer’s needs. And they are made of high quality materials, ensuring high performance as well as long term service time. If you want to buy a concrete batching plant, please contact us as soon as possible.

Stationary Concrete Plant Manufacturer

Daswell is a professional concrete batching plant manufacturer and supplier in China with rich experience and great commitment. Daswell is proven to be a reliable concrete batching plant manufacturer. For we have delivered many successful concrete plants projects all over the world. And  our customers are satisfied with both our products and services.  As for all of these concrete batch mix plants,they are customer designed and manufactured according to customers’ specific needs. Besides, all our batching plants, including our stationary concrete batching plants, are made of high quality materials to ensure high performance and high efficiency. For we know that concrete batching plant is not a one-time investment, but a investment which can last for even decades. So we put great emphasis on the quality of our concrete batching plants and on the requirements of our customers.

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Features of Daswell Stationary Batching Plant

1. Customer designed. Daswell stationary concrete batching plants are all designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of customers.
2.High performance and efficiency. Our stationary concrete plants are made of high quality materials to last long time which can bring long term economic returns. Besides, due to technology innovation, the concrete batch plant equipment can work efficiently.
3.Modular structures. Daswell stationary concrete batching plants are made of modular structures. Due to this structure, it is easy to be transported. Besides, it makes easy to install and tear down the stationary concrete batching plants. And it usually takes about few days to set up or tear down.
4.Flexibility in configuration. Stationary batching plant is consisted of great many parts and components, which have a great many to choose from. In other words, the allover configuration of the plant can be chosen according to your needs.
5.Easy maintenance with low costs. Daswell stationary concrete batching plants are built with high grade materials which need less maintenance. Besides, they are also equipped with stairs and other platforms for maintenance use.  
6. PLC control system. Stationary concrete batching plants are often equipped with PLC control system, which allows easy operation of the plant.

Types of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

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Belt Conveyor Stationary Concrete Plant

For belt conveyor stationary concrete plant, the aggregates are transferred to the concrete mixer through belt conveyor. And often the belt conveyor is covered . As a result, the belt conveyor stationary concrete plant can work continuously in spite of bad weather. And belt type stationary concrete plant can produce high capacity of concrete, suitable for large construction projects with high capacity demand. 

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Skip Hopper Stationary Concrete Batch Plant

As for skip hopper stationary concrete plant, it transfers aggregates into concrete mixer through hopper lift. Compared with belt conveyor, hopper lift can handle less aggregates at a time. So for the whole plant, belt conveyor stationary concrete batching plant can make greater concrete than that of hopper lift stationary concrete batching plant. 

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Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Components

Although the configurations of the stationary batching plants varies due to your choice of specific equipment, the general layout of it is all the same. There are mainly five systems: aggregate weighing system, concrete mixer, conveying system, storage system and control system.

Concrete Mixer

Concrete mixer is the central part of stationary concrete batching plant. And there are many different kinds of concrete mixing machines. For example, there are twin shaft concrete mixer, single shaft mixer, pan mixer, planetary concrete mixer, and so on. These concrete mixers have their own pros and cons and are suitable for different situations. As a result, you should choose best suited one for your stationary concrete batching plant.

aggregate Weighing System

Raw ingredients refer to aggregates(sand, gravel,etc.), water, cement or fly ash, and additives. For aggregates, there are fed in feeder bins separately, and then they are weighted by weighing conveyor one by one before they are mixed together. For water, additives and cement, they are also weighted separately before transferred to the concrete mixer.

Control System

Daswell stationary concrete batching plant is equipped with automatic control system. With the PLC system, operator can easily operate the concrete batching plant. Besides, the operator can easily monitor the whole concrete batching plant process and make quick adjustments whenever there are abnormal situations. Thus the control system makes the stationary concrete batching plant easy to operate, and also reduce human costs.


Storage System

As for aggregates, they are often stored in stock yard before they are fed into cold bins. For water, it is stored in water tank. Due to special property, additives are stored into steel made container. For cement or fly ash, it is often stored in silos.

conveying System

For the aggregates, they are transferred to the concrete mixer through belt conveyor or hopper skip lift. As for water, it is pumped into hopper from water tank. For cement or fly ash, it is transferred to cement hopper through screw conveyor.

Buy Stationary Concrete Batching Plant from Daswell

With rich experience, Daswell makes customer engineer solutions for stationary concrete batching plants according to customers’ needs. As a result, our stationary batching plants can be used for various applications, such as ready mix, precast or constructions like buildings, bridges, roads, airports and so on. Stationary concrete batch plants are of high quality so to ensure high performance and high efficiency. If you have interest in buying concrete batching plants or equipment, please contact Daswell as soon as possible.